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Why pay for therapy when there are 6 seasons of Lost

6 seasons of Lost is why I need therapy

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I wish I could dump all the carnists on a deserted island with nothing but an unlimited supply of fruits and vegetables and watch as they struggle to figure out how to survive without bacon and interspecies breastmilk

That’s the kind of Hunger Games I could get behind.

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People always want the truth and no bullshit when they’re buying into something so here’s a 100% factual, 100% sourced master-post dedicated to converting you to veganism.

Veganism Is Natural

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what if disney channel had a throwback week and all the old shows and movies were on it


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Inspired by this amazing artist. Her work always cheers me up so I thought it would be nice to draw something positive like the beautiful things she usually draws.

man i love this girl. most people that get popular doing something unintentionally embarrassing on the internet either drop off the face of the internet forever or they’re ridiculed so much that they’re pushed off. rebecca wasn’t having none of that shit. she’s grown up quite a bit, she can see why the video was so cringeworthy, and she can still joke about it. four for you, rebecca. you go, rebecca.